• "Hello ___. You look like you are well."
  • "___, are you out for a walk?"
  • "Welcome. We don't have much to offer, but please relax a while."
  • (Female version, First Greeting) "Hi there, ____. It's good to see you looking well."


Male Version

  • "The pond in the Valley is called Turtle Pond. A huge turtle lives here. I wonder who walks faster, me or the turtle?"
  • "You've grown up quite a bit too. You were just a child the last time I saw you."
  • "Wow... I sure am tired. I don't want to get any older."
  • "Are you working hard every day?  Make sure you don't overdo it. All things in moderation. In moderation, okay?"
  • "Recently, I get tired so easily. I'm really feeling my age..."
  • "Would my husband be all right if I weren't around? I worry about that."
  • At home: "It makes me so happy when we have visitors."
  • When shown the Blue Feather: "I was proposed to with the Blue Feather too. Good luck to you!"
  • When shown your cat/dog: "Animals are so cute. Take care of them."

Female Version

  • "___. Out for a walk?"
  • "Sigh... I'm tired. It's a shame getting older."
  • "You've grown up quite a bit, ____. You were so little before."
  • "I've been getting tired remarkably easly lately. I'm feeling my age..."
  • "If I go, I hope my old man will be alright.. I'm worried."
  • This pond is called Turtle Pond. It's called that because big turtles live in it."
  • "I wonder which walks faster, the turtles or me?"
  • When shown the Blue Feather: "Long ago, my husband proposed to me with a Blue Feather. Good luck."
  • When shown your cat/dog: "Animals are so cute. Take good care of them."

At home:

  • "Come on in. I don't have much, but make yourself comfortable."
  • "I'm always happy to have visitors."


Male Version

  • Loved: "Is this really for me? I love stuff like this! Thank you... Thank you so much."
  • Liked: "I've always wanted this. Thank you."
  • Disliked: "What's this? The thing is that it's something I don't like."

Female Version

  • Loved: "Is this for me? I love it. Thank you, thank you."
  • Liked: "I've always wanted one of these. Thank you."
  • Disliked: "I don't really like this. No, never mind..."
  • Hated: "I don't think I like this at all."
  • Birthday Present: "What's that? A birthday present! Thank you, thank you."
  • When given jewelery: "Isn't this for young people to wear? I suppose I'll take it anyway."
  • When given accessories: "Hmm.. How do I use this?"
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