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This article is about Nina, a character from Harvest Moon. You may be looking for Nina from Harvest Moon GBC or Nina, a character from Magical Melody.

Nina (ニーナ Niina?) is one of the eligible brides in Harvest Moon.

She manages and lives in the Flower Shop with her mother. She loves flowers. Nina's diary is located between her bed and her mother's bed in the Flower Shop.


  • Weekdays: Walking around outside of the Flower Shop.
  • Saturday: Wandering in the mountain's cave.
  • Sunday: On the mountain, picking wildflowers.
  • Rain/Snow: The back room of the Flower Shop.


Gift Preferences
Loved Moon Flower, Fullmoon Berry, all Perfumes
Liked Cake, Corn, Eggs, Fish, Flowers (from The Flower Shop), Milk, Mushrooms, Summer Fruit, Tomatoes, Potatoes, Turnips, Wild Grapes
Neutral Fodder
Disliked Poisonous Mushrooms, Flowers (from the wild), Weeds
Hated Cave Herbs

Special Events

At some point in the game, Ann's father will come to your farm in a panic about Nina hasn't returned from the mountain (explaining to you that Nina went there to find an herb for her sick mother).

To find Nina in the mountain you will need to equip a hammer (to break the rocks) and also an herb (for Nina to recover from being tired).


  • Introduction: How do you do? I'm Nina. These crops must be sowed during a certain season. They won't germinate unless you sow them in the proper season.
  • And you have to plow the ground well to make it a field.


  • If you marry Ann, her father will marry Nina's mother.
  • After you marry Nina, strangely enough, she will like poisonous mushrooms.