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"The moon is so mysterious. If you stare at it long enough, you start to feel like you're getting sucked in."

Nova is a character in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope.

Nova is from the tribe of the Underworld, possibly even related to Gorgan, King of the Underworld – so be sure not to get on her bad side or you’ll hear it from her family! Luckily, Nova is a cheerful girl who is excited to be exploring the overworld and isn’t easily offended.

Curious about the new world around her, Nova loves to socialize with both people and animals, and is the person who brought you to Jeanne after you shipwrecked on the island! Once you complete repairs of Basian's Restraunt, she will begin to work and reside there.



"Wow! What's this? No one's ever given me such an awesome present before! I'll treasure it for sure. Thanks!" - Loved

Gift Preferences
Special Oranges
Loved Seashells, Any Grilled Fish
Liked ???
Disliked Mushroom
Hated Bamboo shoot

Note Events

Note Event 1

Bastian's Restaurant / 10:00 am - 8:00 pm / Any Weather

  • But you should stay the way you are. + FP (Best answer)
  • That's very you. I like the attitude. +FP
  • That's impossible.

Note Event 2 Carols Flower Shop 10:00am-5:00pm / Any Weather

  • It will be fine! +FP (Best Answer)
  • It should be fine.. + FP
  • Anything is fine.

Note Event 3

Note Event 4

Note Event 5

Nova's Requests

NO. Name Requested Items Reward
1 Grateful 1 Bread x1 Iron Ore x5, Bamboo Shoot x5
2 Grateful 2 Perch x1 Bronze Ore x5, Bamboo Shoot x5
3 Grateful 3 Egg x1 Silver Ore x5, Bamboo Shoot x5
4 Grateful 4 Meuniere x1 Crystal Ore x2, Seashell x5
5 Grateful 5 Pizza Toast x1 Crystal Ore x4, Seashell x5
6 Grateful 6 Tomato Juice x1 Amethyst Ore x2, Seashell x5
7 Grateful 7 Gratin x1 Mithril Ore x5, Mushroom x5
8 Grateful 8 Whitefish En Croute Ruby Ore x2, Mushroom x5
9 Grateful 9 Trout Acqua Pazza x1 Adamantite Ore x5, Seashell x5
10 Grateful 10 Blueberry Pie x1 Soul Gem Ore x2, Pretty Seashell x5
11 Spring Grateful 1 Strawberry Mille-Feuille x1 Silver Ore x10, Bamboo Shoot x2
12 Spring Grateful 2 Strawberry x1 Agate Ore x2, Bamboo Shoot x2
13 Summer Grateful 1 Vichyssoise x1 Mithril Ore x5, Seashell x2
14 Summer Grateful 2 Potato x1 Ruby Ore x2, Seashell x2
15 Fall Grateful 1 Blueberry Juice x1 Bronze Ore x10, Mushroom x2
16 Fall Grateful 2 Blueberry x1 Moonstone Ore x2, Mushroom x2
17 Winter Grateful 1 Margherita Pizza x1 Orichalcum Ore x5, Poinsettia x2
118 Winter Grateful 2 Cod x1 Sapphire Ore x2, Poinsettia x2
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