Ocarina Inn is a location in Harvest Moon: Animal Parade.

The Inn is open from 8:00AM-10:00PM and is closed on Sundays and festival days.

Jake and Colleen run Ocarina Inn. Their daughter, Maya, and Jake's mother, Yolanda, work there as well. You are able to purchase food and recipes at the Inn.

The Inn is upgraded to level 2 when you ship 60,000G of items and ring the Red Bell. It is upgraded to level 3 when you ship 180,000G of items. It is upgraded to level 4 when you ship 400,000G of items.



Food Lv Price Season Food Lv Price Season
Curry Bread 1 2250G Spring Tomato Soup 1 Summer
Omelet Rice 1 1320G Spring Apple Pie 1 Summer
Buckwheat Chips 1 590G Spring Zaru Soba 1 Summer
Potato Gratin 2 2200G Spring Tomato Risotto 2 Summer
Choco Pie 3 1510G Spring Conger Eel Rice 2 Summer
Cherry Pie 3 1460G Spring Tomato Omelet 2 Summer
Fried Potato 3 960G Spring Corn Soup 4 Summer
Steamed Turnip 4 730G Spring Orange Pie 4 Summer
Plain Omelet 4 780G Spring

Food Lv Price Season Food Lv Price Season
Yam Rice 1 880G Fall Cheese Risotto 1 1570G Winter
Eel Bowl 1 940G Fall Croquette 1 2410G Winter
Boiled Spinach 1 550G Fall Tom Yum Goog 2 1360G Winter
Savory Egg Custard 2 1290G Fall Pot-au-feu 2 2270G Winter
Pumpkin Croquette 2 2340G Fall Seafood Risotto 3 1330G Winter
Pumpkin Pie 2 1560G Fall Egg Soup 3 730G Winter
Honeydew Pie 2 1480G Fall Choco Fondue 3 2670G Winter
Egg Soba 2 750G Fall Paella 4 1660G Winter
Chestnut Rice 3 850G Fall
Rattotuie 3 1570G Fall
Tuna Sandwich 3 2810G Fall
Spinach Risotto 4 1460G Fall

All Year

Food Lv Price Food Lv Price
Riceball 1 710G Seafood Gratin 2 1960G
Pie Crust 1 990G Doria 2 1810G
Vegetable Sandwich 1 2600G Tuna Bowl 3 1180G
Mushroom Rice 1 660G Veggie Curry 3 2400G
Mushroom Soup 1 670G Cheese Omelet 3 1380G
Blueberry Pie 1 1290G Salmon Fried Rice 3 1280G
Egg Sandwich 2 2800G Mushroom Gratin 3 1860G
Cheese Fondue 2 2960G Buckwheat Tempura 3 1020G
Fried Rice 2 840G Egg Rice 4 720G
Seafood Fried Rice 2 1080G Seafood Curry 4 1390G
Blackberry Pie 2 1290G Raspberry Pie 4 1270G
Pizza 2 1590G Seafood Doria 4 1940G
Seafood Pizza 2 1800G Curry Buckwheat 4 1490G


Drink Lv Price Drink Lv Price
Carrot Juice 1 550G Veggie Juice 3 1370G
Cranberry Juice 1 140G Blackberry Juice 3 140G
Apple Juice 1 360G Honeydew Juice 3 770G
Hot Choco 2 890G Orange Juice 4 320G
Hot Coffee 2 440G Blueberry Juice 4 140G
Tomato Juice 2 420G Grape Juice 4 320G
Raspberry Juice 2 120G Coconut Juice 4 120G


Recipe Lv Price Recipe Lv Price
Rice Ball 1 290G Mushroom Gratin 2 750G
Tuna Sandwich 1 1130G Cocoa 2 360G
Spinach Risotto 1 590G Hot Cocoa 2 180G
Egg Rice 1 290G Tomato Juice 2 170G
Tomato Soup 1 380G Blueberry Juice 2 60G
Boiled Spinach 1 220G Honeydew Juice 2 310G
Plain Omelet 1 320G Conger Eel Bowl 3 330G
Croquette 1 970G Salmon Fried Rice 3 510G
Zaru Soba 1 240G Blackberry Pie 3 520G
Buckwheat Chips 1 240G Fried Potato 3 390G
Cranberry Juice 1 60G Grape Juice 3 130G
Apple Juice 1 150G Corn Soup 4 390G
Pie Crust 2 400G Veggie Curry 4 960G
Cheese Risotto 2 630G Orange Pie 4 590G
Mushroom Rice 2 270G Cherry Pie 4 590G
Eel Bowl 2 380G Potato Gratin 4 880G
Fried Rice 2 340G Blackberry Juice 4 60G
Pizza 2 640G Coconut Juice 4 50G
Seafood Pizza 2 720G Orange Juice 4 130G
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