The Ocean Festival in Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility is an event that is held each year on the 7th of Summer. It takes place at the beach in Waffle Town. On that day, the beach will be festive and decorated, and you will be able to buy goods, participate in a mini-game, and, at night, watch a fireworks display.


Two booths will be open for business on the beach during the festival, from 9AM to 5PM.

Pascal's Booth

Item Cost
Fish Soup 690 G
Grilled Clam 195 G
Grilled Squid 210 G
Roasted Corn 240 G
Sashimi (Good) 785 G
Baked Potato 180 G

Sue's Booth

If you have not met Sue yet, she will not open a booth on this day.

Item Cost
Banana Milk 600 G
Banana Pudding 840 G
Chocolate Banana 495 G
Coconut Juice 375 G
Honeydew Milk 305 G
Orange Cookie 480 G
Orange Juice 225 G
Pineapple Juice 405 G


Speak to Craig after 12PM while he is on the beach, and you will be able to participate in a stone-skipping mini-game.

Fireworks Display

At 7PM, you can watch the fireworks display with the bachelor or bachelorette of your choice (if you are married, you will attend with your spouse). The day before, speak to him or her, and you will be invited to this event if they have at least three hearts of affection for you.

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