First glance of On the Hook.

On the Hook is a fishing goods store, located on Waffle Island in Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility.

Ozzie is the owner and cashier of On the Hook. You will speak to him to buy goods, listen to fishing instructions or start a part-time job. Pascal, the elderly sailor, and Toby, the fishing fanatic, also work here.

On the Hook is open for relatively long hours, from 6AM to 10PM. It closes on Mondays and holidays. If you are planning on taking a part-time job here, it would be ideal to have the day completely open and your chores for the day completed -- the job wastes nearly an entire day.

Shop Inventory

Item Price
Grilled Clam 195G
Grilled Squid 210G
Grilled Horse Mackerel 150G
Grilled Saury 180G
Grilled Salmon 405G
Grilled Sardine 120G
Grilled Mackerel 135G
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