The Order Form is an area in your storage shed that you can use to request animals, tools, buildings and more from Takakura while he is out. It also works as a shipping bin when you want to sell something.

Animals or Miracle Potion

  • Cows or bulls. Comes in 5 different colors of varying quality.
  • Sheep. Male only.
  • Chickens. Can order either hens or roosters.
  • Miracle Potion. Used to impregnate cows. Can use your own bull or "rent" a bull.

Items: Tools

There's a wide collection of tools in varying sizes and prices that can be ordered.

Please see the Tools page for more information.

Items: Other

  • Animal Medicine. Used to cure sick animals.
  • Good Fodder. Higher quality fodder, makes animals happier.
  • Bird Feed. Used to feed chickens and ducks in your coop.


  • Seed maker. Converts crops into seeds.
  • Pond. Adds a pond and allows you to get ducks in chapter 2.
  • Great field. Large plot of very fertile soil.
  • Chicken Fence. Allows you to keep your chickens and ducks outside.
  • Food Processing Room. Allows you to turn milk into either butter or cheese.
  • Milking Room. Milks your cows for you.

Sell Animal

Used to sell any animal you own except the horse, cat, dog, and goat. You may only sell one animal at a time.


  • During any chapter, if you have five or six chickens in your chicken coop, talk to Takakura. He will say "My, you are getting a lot of chickens, I can make you a chicken fence". You may then order a chicken fence from the Order Form in the Food Storage for 10,000 G.[1]
  • Chickens and ducks do not have to be fed while in the chicken fence and will also never become sick.
  • Ducks cannot be ordered but can be hatched from eggs.
  • The seed maker can be obtained for free by befriending Daryl and NOT making it available to buy.
  • The goat may only be sold in the PlayStation Special version.


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