Materials Location Sell Price Refine Price Refine Sell Price
Hardwood Lumber round trees 30G N/A N/A
Softwood Lumber cone trees 30G N/A N/A
Mysterious Lumber Woody's help N/A N/A
Stone* farm/mine 30G 50G 50G
Glass Material* mine 60G 100G 150G
Iron Ore* mine 70G 200G 300G
Bronze Ore* mine 80G 250G 600G
Silver Ore* mine 90G 300G 800G
Gold Ore* mine 100G 400G 1,000G
Mithril Ore* mine 110G 400G 1,500G
Orichalcum Ore* mine 120G 500G 1,800G
Adamantite Ore* mine 150G 500G 2,000G
Agate Ore mine 200G 100G 1,000G
Jade Ore mine 220G 100G 1,000G
Flourite Ore mine 240G 150G 2,000G
Opal Ore mine 250G 150G 2,250G
Crystal Ore mine 260G 200G 2,250G
Peridot Ore mine 270G 200G 2,250G
Moonstone Ore mine 280G 250G 2,500G
Onyx Ore mine 290G 250G 2,500G
Topaz Ore mine 300G 300G 3,000G
Amethyst Ore mine 320G 300G 3,200G
Ruby Ore mine 320G 350G 3,200G
Emerald Ore mine 320G 350G 3,200G
Sapphire Ore mine 320G 400G 3,200G
Diamond Ore mine 330G 450G 3,300G
Pink Diamond Ore mine 330G 500G 3,300G
Soul Gem Ore mine 330G 600G 5,000G
*Requires a quantity of 3 to refine.
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