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Purchased From: 13500G at Brownie Ranch.

Age at Purchase: As a chick, it takes 24 days to turn into an adult.

Color: Black, White, and Pinkish (Default and Only color)

Lifespan: Around 4 Years, eats Fodder

Products: Eggs, Mayonnaise (With the Mayo Maker)

Happiness : Increased by being talked to, brushed, hand-fed, and let outside on sunny days

Product Prices :

     Decent  Good  Perfect Shining
Eggs: 280G / 350G / 420G / 700G

Note: Mayo Sells For The Same Price

Breeding: Breeds by throwing an egg in the incubator. After that you wait 14 days for a little chick, then 24 more for a fully grown ostrich.

Interesting Notes:

You can ride your Ostrich like a horse.

It lays eggs every 4 days.

Note the low sale point on ostrich mayonnaise.

They are about as fast as a horse. 

They are in: Harvest Moon Animal Parade
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