This is a list of other animals that can be found in Harvest Moon.

These animals cannot be raised on the player's farm, and offer no real significance to the game.


This is Ellen's pet bird in the back room of the Restaurant. You can hear it chirp at you if you try to talk to it. This bird will be important if you are trying to marry Ellen for the event that you have with her.


Unimportant little bugs that fly around during the Spring and the Summer. You cannot catch them.


Frogs, like butterflies, are only in the game as an addition and cannot be caught. They pop out when you cut the grass on your farm.


These little guys come out of the ground when you plant seeds. You can put your dog near the moles to scare them away.


In the Winter, you will see Eve's Grandfather with a rabbit. You can set the rabbit free by saying you will pay 1,000 Gold for the Rabbit (you won't lose the Gold). The Hunter will say that you have a good heart and let the rabbit go free. Aside from this, rabbits are not very important in the game.


You will see squirrels scampering around the mountain, but they have no importance in the game.

Wild Dogs

They disturb your animals during the night. They will scare your Cows or eat your Chickens if you leave them outside at night. They will also break down your fence unless your Dog is kept outside to scare them away. If you stay up long enough and if you are lucky, you may be able to witness when the wild dog comes, and then you can scare it off yourself.

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