• What a great day, huh?
  • It's a beautiful day today. Too beautiful to waste. Maybe I should take a walk.

  • Good morning, player. You're awfully spirited for such an hour! You'll be the rooster who wakes the world, I fear...

Friendship Lines

  • 1: "How's life treating you here? Well, you have plenty of time to get used to it, so even if it's not all sunshine and roses now... it will be!"
  • 7: "Hey, [Player]. You've been so nice to me... Since i live alone, i'm very grateful to you for dropping by to chat with an old man like me from time to time. I might not make sense sometimes, what with senility kicking in... but i always appreciate your visits. Always.



  • Rain: This weather is really quite aggravating. No one comes to shop on a day likes this.






Moo-Moo Festival

  • If you lost: Heard you didn't quite clinch it today. That's too bad.
  • Raising animals ain't as easy as just feedin' and brushin'. Everybody's gotta be working' real hard at it.


Fishing Tournament

  • If you won: Heard you won the Fishin' Tournament today. Congratulations!
  • If you lost: Ah, no luck today, huh? Well, keep at it. You'll improve in time.
  • I go fishing myself every now and again, but I never catch much. I guess there just ain't that many fish in this river.
  • I thought about participating too, but I'm not as good as you youngsters. I'm happy just watching.



Fluffy Festival

  • If you win: Heard you're the big winner today. Congratulations!
  • Raising animals ain't as easy as just feedin' and brushin'. Everybody's gotta be workin' real hard at it.


About Town/General

  • I've never left this town, so I don't really have much basis for comparison, but... is this really such a “backwoods” place, like people say?
  • I like this town just the way it is, but others aren't quite so easily satisfied. They want to attract tourists and host events and such...
  • If you are dating someone: ...Oh, <playername>! I hear tell you're dating someone in town. Young love, is it? I hope you'll invite me to your wedding!

Forest Area

  • It's so tiring, climbing all the way up here!
  • The forests are ancient, and people say there are spirits that lurk within them. I've never seen them myself, though...
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