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Ozzie (オズ, Oz) is a character in Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility.

He is the owner of the fishing company On the Hook. You can buy fish from him at his store. He likes fish and you working part time. Loves fishing more than anything.


  • "Howdy!"
  • "Sunny days are perfect for going fishing."
  • "Hey! Looking good today, as usual! 
  • "Hey! I heard your child was born! Nice!"
  • "Now's the time when your child is the cutest! It reminds me of when Paolo was little!"
  • "Children are small, but they grow up fast! Gotta work hard to keep up with them!"
  • "Hey, taking a walk with your kid? Looks fun!"
  • "Phoebe and Calvin got married: They're a good match! Don't you think so?"
  • "I know everything about fishing! First, you should just try out different spots."
  • Liked: "How did you know that I like that? Thanks!"
  • Ocean Festival: "The stone-skipping game is fun, but you know me! I like fishing better!"
  • The Mother Tree grows: "I feel like the river, the sea and even the air are different from before. I was just talking about that with Toby."


  • Ozzie doesn't technically introduce himself in the game like the other characters. He introduces the shop 'On the Hook' and speaks a bit about his family, but does not tell the player his name.

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