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Paolo (パオ Pao) is a character in Harvest Moon: Animal Parade.

One of the few children villagers on the island, Paolo is an adventerous boy with love of the sea. He lives at Harmonica Town Fishery with his father Ozzie and his cousin Toby.[1] He's very close to his cousin, and can be found fishing together.

Other than his cousin, he can often be found with Chloe, his close friend.[2] On his own, Paolo will often be found at the Lighthouse or inside of the fishery. Paolo loves fish, bananas, clams and shells. He plays a vital role to the main storyline.


Gift Preferences
Loved Oyster, Clam, Mussel, King Fish roasted on a Bonfire, Banana Juice, Banana Milk, Choco Banana, Shining Sashimi
Liked Sunflower, Fish, Seaweed, Boiled Egg
Disliked Toadstool, Failed Cooking Recipes, Cheese Omelet, Vegetable Juice

Story Line Role

Spoiler warning: The following may contain important story spoilers.

Paolo will assist in the ringing of the Blue Bell. After Ozzie tells you that the Lighthouse is broken, he suggests that you go and speak to Paolo who is at the Lighthouse. He will give you the key to the Watery Cave, which is where the Blue Bell frame is.[4] Even though the bell is already on the frame, the sprite doesn't remember the tune so he cannot ring the bell.

After some advice from the Harvest Goddess, go back to Paolo who will give you a list of ingredients needed for a contraption to chime the bell's tune. You will need a Black Pearl, Duck Egg, and 5 fish (of any kind). Bring the items back to Paolo when it's a windy day, and he will set up the device that will chime the tune.[5] Once you hear the tune, go back to the Watery Cave. It jogs the sprite's memory, and Ben is able to ring his bell.

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Ice Cream

The only season that this event can be seen in is Summer. Paolo and Chloe must also both be at 3 hearts or more. You must also have a recipe for at least one flavor of ice cream in your recipes book.[6]

If you've met all the requirements stated above, walk past the blacksmith's heading towards Garmon Mine. This event will automatically trigger. They will ask you for ice cream, and you will be prompted to get the item in your rucksack. You must already have ice cream in your rucksack available to give to the kids. If you are unprepared, and arrived empty handed, Paolo and Chloe will each lose one heart. It doesn't matter the flavor, and it can be store bought, something that was given to you, or made.

If you give the kids the ice cream, they will be happy. Your reward will be a single piece of Rare Ore. The kids will run off to play elsewhere.


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