Taking a part-time job at the general store.

A new feature introduced in Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility, part-time jobs are available at many shops and stores.

Taking A Job

To take a part-time job, all you have to do is speak with the person running the store and select the option to work. No work is required on your part (the player), but you will watch your character do various tasks on screen.

You will work until the store closes, regardless of the time you take the job, so take note of the store's closing hours and don't start working too early in the day, or you may not have time for anything else, especially if you work somewhere that closes late (e.g. On the Hook, which closes at 10PM)

Pay and Other Benefits

The money you earn is directly related to your relationship with your co-workers, so the better your relationship with the people you work with are, the more money you will earn each time you work. Similarly, if you work somewhere often, your relationship with the people you work with will increase, so another way to increase the affection of certain bachelors/bachelorettes is to work with them.

Your co-workers' affection levels increase by one point for every hour you work (e.g. if you work at Brownie Ranch from opening to closing - 9AM to 6PM, you will earn a total of 9 affection points from Cain, Hanna and Renee).

Jobs Available

Business Speak To Store Hours Co-Workers
Town Hall Elli 8AM - 5PM (closed Sundays) Hamilton, Gill, Elli
Sundae Inn Colleen 9AM - 5PM (closed Sundays) Jake, Colleen, Maya, Kathy, Hayden
Sundae Bar Hayden 6PM - 12AM (closed Sundays)

Jake, Colleen, Maya, Kathy, Hayden, Chase

On the Hook Ozzie 6AM - 10PM (closed Mondays) Ozzie, Toby, Paolo
General Store Simon 9AM - 6PM (closed Mondays) Phoebe, Barbara, Simon
Meringue Clinic Irene 8AM - 5PM (closed Mondays) Irene, Jin, Perry
Tailor Shop Shelly 9AM - 6PM (closed Sundays) Candace, Luna, Shelly
Souffle Farm Ruth 7AM - 5PM (closed Saturdays) Anissa, Craig, Ruth, Taylor
Blacksmith's Shop Ramsey 8PM - 5PM (closed Mondays) Julius, Owen, Chloe, Ramsey, Mira
Carpenter's Shop Dale 9AM - 6PM (closed Saturdays) Luke, Dale, Bo
Brownie Ranch Cain 9AM - 6PM (closed Mondays) Renee, Cain, Hanna, Gray
Pineapple Inn Samson 7AM - 8PM Samson, Sue
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