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  • Mornin' is just the start of it all. You work hard from the first ray of sun to the last an' good things'll come your way, sure as sugar! ❤️


  • Dessie's a bit slow, but she's got a warm heart, an' she's pretty gosh-darned cute to boot. ❤️ ...She can be a little frustratin', though.
  • Every time Dessie fails at somethin', on come the waterworks. Last time it happened, I told 'er to stop cryin' and think about why she failed. But that just made 'er cry even more! Didn't mean to upset 'er none. I feel real bad...
  • Mora brought over a ton of mushrooms yesterday... ...but all of 'em were poison! Shame 'e couldn't tell the edible ones from the poison ones. I mean, he's a Nature Sprite, so you'd think he could! You'd best be careful too.


  • Spring: Everything's all pink an' pretty outside. I do so love this time of year! Best season of 'em all, if you ask me. Just look at a shower of cherry blossoms and tell me it don't move your heart strings! ❤️
  • Rain: Cherry blossoms are bloomin' all around, but I'm worried that this rain might scatter 'em. Though cherry blossoms scatterin' look real pretty too, I guess! ❤️
  • Summer:
  • Rain: Rain cools the air right down. Feels good, don't it? ❤️


Zephyr Hill

  • Player! Y'ever heard of a sweet an' juicy fruit called a "watermelon"? I ain't never had one before, but it just sounds so gosh-darned good, I wanna give it a try!
  • I ate a pumpkin once. It was so sweet and delicious...mmmmmm... ❤️ If you get any pumpkin seeds, you be sure an' grow 'em, now, y'hear?
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