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This article is about Pete, a character from Harvest Moon 64. You may be looking for Pete in his other appearances throughout the series.

Pete is the main character and player character for Harvest Moon 64.

He inherits his deceased grandfather's neglected farm in Flowerbud Village and wishes to revitalize it. Pete's father believes this is a waste of time, and gives Pete nine seasons (2 years and 1 season) to prove him wrong, at which point he will return from the city to evaluate Pete's progress.

Pete's name and birthday are customizable by the player, as well as the name of his farm, animals, the bachelorette he marries, and the name of his child.

At the end of the nine season period, Pete's father will return to the farm to see how Pete has performed. There are several endings, depending on how much the player was able to do.


  • In all of his artworks, his cap is green. But his cap is blue in the game.
  • In the Japanese strategy guide, Pete and Elli are the official couple, even in the 64 Player's Guide.
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