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The Pet playpen, and pets doing their jobs.

You can buy pets in both towns at Grady's and Kana's in Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns.

Dogs and Cats

You can buy food for them at the general stores in either town. The higher their friendship the better job they do. When you first buy them, they may not always let your animals in and out and require training. You can buy toys for them that will help with friendship at the general stores in both towns.

After being purchased, they cannot be sold or die, so be sure you pick the right name and pelt color before buying it!

Note: The first two colors are unlocked automatically, but the last two are not obtainable until you have cleared the tunnel

Animal Image Job Price
Small Dog SmallDogTToTT Hearding Sheep, Suffolk sheep and Alpacas 5000G
Big Dog BigDogTToTT Hearding Cows and Jersey Cows 5000G
Cats CatsTToTT Hearding Chickens and Silkie Chickens 5000 G


Main article: Owl (TToTT)
The Owl (ToTT)

You can buy an Owl for 10,000 G start from Year 2. The owl will take you back to the towns from the top of the mountain.



Upon starting the game, you will have a white pony that lives inside your barn. You can ride the horse anywhere. Even if you leave it far from home, it will return to your farm when you wake up the next morning. Horses never get sick, stressed, or hungry. They also cannot die. 

You can rent a new horse that will replace your current one from both pet stores. Horses can pull carts and each breed runs at different speeds.

There are three types of horses. Pony is the smallest size, the thoroughbred is the medium size, and the shetland is the largest.

PonyTToTT ThoroughbredTToTT ShetlandTToTT

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