Pictures are photographs you gain throughout Harvest Moon 64 after meeting certain requirements. To access the photo album, you must choose the photo album from the bookcase in your house.

List of Photographs

Photo Information
HM64 photo grandpa
Picture with Grandpa
Available from beginning. This is a picture of the player, his grandfather, and the grandfather's dog.
HM64 photo harvestking
Planting Festival Picture
After becoming the Harvest King and before you fly in the balloon, this photo will be taken of you with the Mayor.
HM64 photo horse
Horse Race Picture

After winning the horse race, this photo will be taken with the player's horse and Doug.

HM64 photo swimmeet
Sea Festival Picture

Win the Sea Race to get this picture.

Wedding karen 64
Wedding Picture

This photo is taken after you are married.

HM64 photo hotsprings

Hot Springs Picture
Help the Carpenters build the Hot Springs to get this picture.

Baby (HM64)
Baby Picture

When your baby is born, you'll get this picture.

HM64 photo dog
Dog Race Picture

Win the Dog Race, and you'll get this picture with your dog.

HM64 photo extensions
All Building Extensions Picture

You have to get all of the extensions for the house. This includes the Baby Bed.

HM64 photo cow
Cow Festival Picture

If you win the Cow Festival, the Festival Girls will ask to take a picture of the winning cow.

HM64 photo popuri
Popuri Picture

Plant the Blue Mist Flower when you can starting with the Second Year. Take care of it by watering it every day. If you do, you'll get a picture of you, Popuri, and the Emerald Butterfly.

HM64 photo maria

Maria Picture
If you're trying to woo Maria, you'll get this picture on a Summer night.

HM64 photo elli
Elli Picture

If you're trying to woo Elli, she'll invite you in the Fall to help make some Moondrop Potion.

HM64 photo ann
Ann Picture

If you're trying to woo Ann, she'll come by your ranch in the Winter and ask you to come to the Moon Mountain to see the Pika Bunny.

HM64 photo karen
Karen Picture

Complete Save the Vineyard quest, woo Karen, have good weather on the right day, and she'll come to your farm to see the Dance of the Keifu Fairies.

HM64 photo party

Party Picture
If you're friends with everyone, have a kid, have all of the house extensions, your dog is happy, among other requirements, you'll have a party at the end of the game.

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