This article is about Pierre in The Tale of Two Towns. You may be looking for Pierre in his other appearances throughout the series.

Pierre (ピエール, Pierre) is the judge for the cooking contests held four times a season in Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns.

Pierre will come and judge every Cooking Contest that is held between the two villages. Unlike previous games, this is the only interaction that is seen with Pierre in the game. Although there are flowers in his dialog box, there is never an opportunity to see him outside of the Cooking Festivals.

Pierre will judge each dish cooked by each competitor. His rankings raise from bad to great which are indicated by his dialogue and icons above his head after he's eaten a dish. Whichever team has more positive ratings will win the competition.

If he especially likes your dishes he'll send you a trophy that looks like himself after the contest, it will be placed in your house on the shelf above your bed.

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