How to unlock the pig

Pet pig01

In order to obatain the pig, you must have unlocked mushroom islands first. to unlock mushroom islands you need to have collected 12 sun stones. Once you have unlocked the island you will find numerous amounts of mushrooms. Once you have a shipped a total of 100 mushrooms return to the Island between 5 and 6pm to unlock the event 'Gannon's Secret'  During this event you will be given the Pig. Gannon will then build a pig pen on mushroom island because it cannot leave the island, so to look after it you must travel to Mushroom Island each day to feet and pet it.

About the pig

The pig is generally like any other pet, you have to feed and take care of it to raise its friendship points. Besides pet food the Pig's favourite food is berries and fruit which will give you +3FP.

Besides being able to pet and care for the Pig, the Pig can help you find mushrooms and truffles. When the pig finds soemthing it will run out of the bushes and you have to chase it to obtain the item.

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The pig will help you to find Mushrooms once a day, however if you fail to obtain the mushroom of the pig after 30 seconds the pig will eat the mushroom.       

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