Exterior view of Pineapple Inn.

The Pineapple Inn is a tropical resort and vendor located on the beautiful Toucan Island. You can buy certain goods and seeds here that won't be found anywhere else.



Interior of Pineapple Inn, with Samson behind the counter.

The inn is primarily run by Samson, and his wife, Sue, helps out sometimes. Upon arriving at the island, you will find out that Selena, the dancer that arrives in Waffle Island shorty after you, originates from Toucan Island, and is actually the daughter of Samson and Sue. Sue will inform you that she has run away from home due to her parents' fighting, and ask you to help them apologize to her. You can help this family settle their differences by relaying messages for them, from Waffle Island and Toucan Island. Selena will not leave the main island though, nor will Sue or Samson leave Toucan Island, except on special occasions.


Pineapple Inn closes a little later than most of the other establishments in the game, opening from 8AM to 8PM, though it still doesn't open as late as Sundae Inn does, since it is not a bar as well. A part-time job is available, and you can start it by speaking to Samson.

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