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The Planting Festival is a celebration on Harvest Moon 64. It is celebrated on the 8th of Spring, and is dedicated to the planting of new plants around the world. The current Harvest King (chosen in Fall the previous year at the Harvest Festival) rides in a hot air balloon to symbolize the spreading of the seeds of future plants. The King gets to choose one assistant to accompany them in the balloon. The villagers receive balloons filled with seeds from Lillia and release them when given the signal from the Mayor.

64 Sowing Festival1

Ann has kindly filled her balloon with Grass Seeds

In the first year of the game, the King is the Potion Shop Dealer and will always choose Stu as his assistant.

If the player is chosen as the Harvest King, this festival is a good way to raise the affection of their potential spouse by choosing them as their assistant. They will also receive a picture for their photo album.[1]

Harvest Moon 64 Photo Event - Sowing Festival

Harvest Moon 64 Photo Event - Sowing Festival


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