Player characters are the protagonists of specific games. They are the characters that players control throughout the games. Most of them are silent; it is left up to the player to fill in what they imagine the characters' feelings, thoughts, and words. The only exceptions are during heart events, in which player is prompted to select a response out of given options. But in random events, players have no control over them.

Player characters' names can be renamed by the player at the beginning of each game.

In some Harvest Moon games, the player characters can be either male or female - they will never marry each other (except in IoH/SI). In some other games there is only male option.

Male Protagonists

Name Image Game-specific Appearance(s)
Pete Pete ds.png
Toy Hero (HoLV).png
Mark Mark(awl).jpg
Adam Adam1.png
Life Grain LifeGrain.jpg
Mark Mark (SI).png
Kevin Kevin (AP).jpg
Kasey Kasey (AP).jpg
Hansel Hansel (GB).png
Cory Cory (MLS).gif
Phillip 150px-TwinVillagesMaleProtagonist.png
Henry ANB-Henry.jpg
Johnny MalePlayerCNW.png
Pete/Mike Pete TLV.png
Prince Pietro PrincePietro.png
Yuto New char boy.png
Noby Noby Dor.png
Eiji PoOTMaleProtagonist.png
Ryan OWMaleProtagonist.png

Female Protagonists

Name Image Game-specific Appearance(s)
Sara Sara MLS.png
Claire Claire ds.png
Pony Player girl brunette (g).png
Amanda Amanda MLS.png
Chelsea Chelsea (SI).png
Angela Angela (AP).jpg
Molly Molly (AP).jpg
Gretel Image.jpg
Connie Connie.png
Lillian 150px-TwinVillagesFemaleProtagonist.png
Rachel ANB-Rachel.jpg
Annie FemalePlayerCNW.png
Claire/Sabrina Claire TLV.png
Holly Female.png
Naomi New char girl.png
Protagonist PoOTFemPotagonist.png
Courtney OWFemProtagonist.png

Secondary Character

Name Image Game-specific Appearance(s)
Soleil Soleil.png
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