The Poitou Donkey is a new animal available to raise in Harvest Moon: Skytree Village.

These aren’t pack animals – they’re shearing animals, like sheep![1] You will receive your first Poitou Donkey from Sofia in the Spring of Year 1 after fulfilling her first request - giving her 3 great animal feed. Afterwards, you can purchase them from Sofia in your barn.

Poitou Donkeys produce Donkey Wool which is used by Melanie to create clothes.


All animals have random skills they may earn as your relationship with them grows. Poitou Donkey's can learn three skills, and impregnating it with a miracle potion will lead the foal born from it to inherit it's mothers skills or earn incredible skills (which can only be earned through birthing the foal)

Possible Skills


All Poitou Donkeys need to eat daily. A fed Donkey can be sheared once every (?) days, even if it's outside.

To raise it's affection a Donkey may be pet daily and brushed every few days.


Product Sell Price
Donkey Fur 120G
Great Donkey Fur 180G
Ultimate Donkey Fur 240G
Supreme Donkey Fur 300G
Miracle Donkey Fur 360G


  • An adult and baby poitou donkey are featured in the games loading screen.


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