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Pony (アヤ Aya) is one of the two playable characters in Harvest Moon DS: Cute.

At the game's start, the player will answer a series of questions to determine if they will play as Pony or Claire.

Whichever character you choose, the story will start where the protagonist has already inherited her family farm, but are lazy about working on it. The Harvest Goddess arrives while Pony is sleeping, trying to get her to work at the request from Pony's mother. Things go awry when Harvest Goddess gets into an argument with the Harvest King (also known as Harvest God).

He calls her lazy herself for not making more of an effort to get Pony motivated. In a fit of fury, she upsets him by calling him a "Big Baldy", thus getting herself turned to stone. The Harvest Sprites soon suffer a similar fate, after calling him a big meanie and heckle him to change her back. This only upsets him further and banishes them all to the other world. He begins to regret what he did, thinking he may have been too hasty with his punishment, but then uses this to get Pony motivated.

The Witch Princess shows up shortly after to wake up Pony, giving her a letter from the Harvest King that reads "The Harvest Goddess and the Harvest Spites were punished because you didn't work," and that he will return them, if she works hard and achieve her goals.

Picking Who to Play

When you start a new game the Harvest Goddess will ask you a series of questions. The answers you choose will determine if you play as Pony or Claire.

Question 1: Which do you primarily play, Gamecube or Gameboy Advance?
» Gamecube (Pony)
» Gameboy Advance (Claire)
» Both (Random)

Question 2: Do you like blonde hair?
» Love it (Claire)
» It's okay, I guess  (Random)
» Not really (Pony)

Question 3: How about ponytails?
» I guess I like them (Pony)
» Pigtails are better (Random)
» Not really (Claire)

Question 4: Which do you like the best?
» Mineral Town character (Claire)
» Wonderful Life character (Pony)
» I don't really care (Random)

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