Like other Harvest Moon games, Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley also allows you to find Power Berries that will increase your max stamina by 20 and your max fatigue by 10. In order to find them, though, you will need an ocarina that can be purchased as Louis' shop and a dog. In addition to this, your dog will also need to be at least at 4 hearts to obey your commands.


You'll be able to find Power Berries in the following random locations. If you're unable to find one in one area after a few attempts, simply go to a new one and search again!

  • Flower/Item Shop area - Left of the flower bed by Lyla's store
  • Grocery Store area - Mound of earth in front of the store (between 2 trees)
  • Cafe area - Near tree north of the area
  • Goddess Spring - By the two trees in the middle of the area, near bridge
  • Pike Mountain - Center of the area and/or at the top of the stairs
  • Woody's Carpentry - Near center stairs and/or near the right-hand stairs
  • Clove Villa - Tree at the top of the stairs
  • Plaza - Left of the Flower/Item shop sign

Keep in mind that you can only find a total of 4 power berries at random by searching these locations with your dog.

The Hidden 5th Power Berry

There is a 5th Power Berry that is obtainable in the game. To obtain it, you must follow these requirements:

  • You must have at least 3 hearts on your dog.

The event can occur at any time of the year regardless of the weather. It will be triggered as soon as you leave your house, and once completed, the Harvest Sprites will give you the 5th Power Berry a few days later!

*Note that you do not need to find any of the previous four Power Berries to trigger this event.
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