Magical Melody - Power Berry
To increase the overall stamina that you have, you will need to collect all five Power Berries in Harvest Moon: Magical Melody

Each time you eat one it will increase stamina bar will by 20%. You can unlock them in any order you like. Once you have them all it would have doubled the amount of stamina you had at the beginning of the game.

  • First Power Berry

Win the Beach Festival that takes place on the third day of Summer.

  • Second Power Berry

Collect 30 Music Notes and return them to the Harvest Sprites located at the Goddess Spring.

  • Third Power Berry

During the Spring or Fall seasons a horse race win the Carpenter's W.S. Cup

  • Forth Power Berry

Reach the 100th floor of the mine and Tim will give you a berry.

  • Fifth Power Berry

Donate a Pumpkin to the Pumpkin Festival.

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