In Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland, there are a total of five power berries to collect. Each power berry will permanently increase the player's stamina.

Power berries only need to be collected once. Once collected, they will show up on the status screen and will be carried over to subsequent playthroughs. However, there is one that is considered a rumor and has yet to be confirmed.


  1. By cutting the grass in your pasture, you will be able to find out. It is randomly placed.
  2. The Harvest Goddess will grant a power berry only if these requirements are done: The player must visit the Harvest Goddess and proceed to make a wish. However, directly after making a wish, they must throw in a vegetable just as a gift. This must be done for thirty days (not in a row and not on rainy days) for her to grant one.
  3. Fishing in Maple Lake. It is randomly placed, just like the pasture.
  4. During the "Treasure Hunt Part 2" event path, you'll make it to the Sacred Land. Using your hoe in this area will yield you with a power berry.
  5. During a random event when Flak goes missing, Nic and Nak will come and ask you to help find him. Once he's found, he will reward you with a power berry.  
  6. Rumor: A power berry can be found by using your hoe to till soil on your farm.  


Save the Homeland FAQ-Chapter 18 by Kevin Butler/War Doc

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