A Power Berry is a type of item in Harvest Moon: Back To Nature.

Power Berries are special items that increase maximum Stamina by 10. There are a total of 10 Power Berries. Attaining all 10 will double the player's initial Stamina of 100. The Mystic Berry is not technically a Power Berry, as it affects Fatigue.


  1. Side of Mother's Hill - Use the Ax on the single lone cedar tree. When it speaks, tell it you won't cut it down.
  2. Waterfall Mine - Randomly dug up using the Hoe.
  3. Harvest Goddess - Throw five (5) crops into the waterfall. (20 crops in the PSP Girl version)
  4. Swimming Festival - Win the swimming competition.
  5. Winter Mine (outside) - Around the backside of the mine entrance (left side).
  6. Winter Mine - Randomly dug up using the Hoe.
  7. TV Shopping - On Saturdays, a Power Berry will randomly be sold (for 5,000G) instead of a Cooking utensil.
  8. Mineral Beach - Randomly fished from the ocean during Spring or Winter.
  9. Anna's Gift - Plant 91 flowers. When Anna visits, tell her she can pick some flowers.
  10. Horse Race - Trade 1001 medals.
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