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Introduction He..Hello. こ、こんにちは。


When Dialogue
Weekdays (Spring) "Things girls like are flowers and sweets, right? I'm saving money to buy a present for Maria."
Weekdays (Summer, Winter) "I love Maria. I wish she would be my bride in the future."
Weekdays(Fall) "Why don't adults cry? Is it because there is nothing to cry about, or is it because people become stronger?"

"I've heard something! I've heard a faint sound of laughter behind the trees in the ranch. And some people talking, too! ...What was that?"

Saturday (Spring, Summer) "It's not a date! It's not a date! Just a walk, that's all!"
Saturday (Fall, Winter) "I always pray that I can be a grown-up very quickly."


When Dialogue
Flower Festival "I want to buy a bottle of perfume for my sister."
Harvest Festival "I'm stuffed!"
Day Before Egg Festival "The Egg Festival will be held at the public square tomorrow."
Egg Festival "They say the winner will get the great prize."
Thanksgiving Festival "Yeah, I got a cake from Maria!"
Star Night Festival "...I feel sleepy now."
Flower Festival (2nd Year) "They say it's the statue of the Goddess of Land."

Married to Maria

When Dialogue
Weekdays (All Seasons) "It's boring because Maria's gone."
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