"Hooray! I harvested a vegetable!"
―Prince Pietro[1]

Prince Pietro (ピエトロ王子, Pietoro-Ōji) is the protagonist of Return to PoPoLoCrois: A Story of Seasons Fairytale.

The prince of PoPoLoCrois. He's beginning a new adventure into the foreign land of Galariland. [2]

Prince of PopoloCrois, with the blood of dragons running through his veins. Innocent, naive and selfless, he's seen as a role model throughout the kingdom. Has gone on adventures before with GamiGami, the White Knight and Narcia, and saved PopoloCrois (and possibly the world) on numerous occasions. Although he sees GamiGami as having a secret heart of gold, and considers the White Knight a role model and confidant, it's Narcia whose company he truly wishes to keep, having developed a significant crush on her over the years and always wishing he could work up the nerve to get closer to her.[3]


Name of skill Element/Partner Star Lv1 Star Lv2 Star Lv3 Description
Fire Break Fire 10 MP 20 MP Unleashes fireballs upon all enemies within a specified area.
Wind Slash Wind 15 MP 30 Mp Focuses wind into an energy blade and projects it aong a straight line.
Arc Saber Wind 43 MP Calls forth lightning from the heavens to strike a selected enemy target.
Healing Wing Wind 25 MP Summons a healing wind, restoring some HP to all party members.
Magical Gear Light 15 MP Creates a magic circle that lowers the defense of all enemies in range.
Cross Judgment Fire/Nino Combines the powers of sword and fist into one massive burst that damages all enemies.
Breath of Life Light/Rue Evokes healing powers from within that restore HP to allies in range.
Valhalla Light/White Knight Emits purifying flames from both swords that inflict massive damage on all enemies.
Blessed Rain Water/Narcia Willing forth a sacred shower from above that restores HP to all allies.


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  2. ポポロクロイスの王子。異国の地「ガラリランド」へ新たな冒険に旅立つ。
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