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Rachel (リオ Rio) is the female protagonist of Harvest Moon 3D: A New Beginning. Her appearance and name can be customized by player. Her male counterpart is Henry.


To celebrate her adulthood, Rachel comes to Echo Village to take over the farmland owned by her family's ancestors. On her way, she is called by a mysterious voice, which leads her to find a man laying unconscious on the ground. She then gives the man water, which wakes him up. The man then introduces himself as Dunhill.

It turns out that the man knows Rachel's parents. Dunhill received a letter from them, saying that Rachel was coming to the village. Dunhill then shows Rachel the farmland. He reveals that the farmland was meant to be inherited by Rachel's father, but he moved to another town to marry Rachel's mother, thus the farmland remained unused. Dunhill then promises to assist Rachel in any way he can. He then invites Rachel to have a meal at his house to express his gratitude for helping him earlier.

After finishing the meal, Dunhill then proceeds to take Rachel going around the farm. On their way, they find village residents, Hana and Emma, saying goodbye to the innkeeper Hossan and his son Niko who are moving out of the town. Rachel and Dunhill then continues their way to the farm. Dunhill then teaches her the basic of farming and living in the village. Afterward, they return to the farmhouse and Dunhill takes his leave. And so Rachel's new life as a farmer begins.

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