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This article is about Ann, a character from Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town. You may be looking for Ann in her other appearances throughout the series.
"So, let's try our best today and everyday! It'd be so nice if a lot of customers came."

Ran (ラン, Ran) is a character in Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town.


Ran/Ann is an eligible bachelorette in Friends of Mineral Town.

Ann is the daughter of Dadd, and works as a waitress, cook and maid at her father's Inn. Ann is a tomboy, and her father worries that these traits might interfere with her chances of marriage. She often gets frustrated with her dad trying to push her, but the two are close and have a good relationship. Her mother died at a young age, but she remains cheerful.

She is friendly, loves to cook and is a very hard worker. Ann is very friendly towards one of the guests at the Inn, Cliff, who will be your rival for her affection.


Black Heart Event

Pete walks into the diner and is greeted by Ran and her father.
  • I'd be delighted.

Both Ran and Dadd are happy that he's staying. He serves the food and Pete says it's delicious. They are happy to hear that and tell him to come again.

  • That's kind, but I'll pass.[1].


"Thank you, I'm happy!" | Arigatou, ureshii!
Mountain Grape[2]
"Thanks." | Arigatou.
What are you doing! Throw this stuff away properly! | なにやてんの!そういもんは, ちゃんとすてて!
Yellow Grass




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