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Open: 7:00 am to 11:00 pm

Shop town raul

Raul's Shop Location

Closed: Fridays and bazaar days

Raul's little store is open most days except for fridays, when his brothers Enrique and Diego come to visit. Raul even keeps his shop open on festival days in case you need to do some shopping. He also has his own booth at the weekly bazaar, so his town shop will be closed on bazaar days.

His store carries standard items like animal feed and fertilizer, but each (except for Winter) he will have crop seeds for sale that don't appear at the bazaar.

Item Season Cost
Fertilizer Any 10 G
Animal Medicine Any

Must own an animal

500 G
Pet Food Any

Must own a pet

150 G
Horse Treat Any

Must own a horse

150 G
Fodder Any

Must own a cow or sheep

70 G
Chicken Feed Any

Must own a chicken

80 G
Turnip Seeds Spring 120 G
Radish Seeds Summer 200 G
Eggplant Seeds Fall 200 G

You can also sell items to Raul at his shop, but he will always pay 50% of the price you would of earned if you sold the same item at the bazaar. For example, an Egg with 3 stars and Super Fresh rank will sell for 85 G to Raul but will sell for 190 G at the bazaar.

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