• Loves Line: "You're actually a good person, you know? Not many people would give me something like this. Thank you."
  • Likes Line:
  • Neutral Line:
  • Dislikes Line:

Heart Lines

  • 1st line: "My goal is to catch the 'king' that is around here."
  • 0 hearts: "Sure enough, fishing is intriguing! I'm very keen on fishing tactics."
  • 1 heart: "It's the best when you cook and eat fish while it is still fresh! Don't forget to put out the fire!"
  • 2 hearts: "My heart pounds when I feel a nibble at the end of the line. No, maybe from the ripples of rising fish on the water."
  • 3 hearts: "Adult fisherman need to be careful about manners. There's more to it than just catch and release."
  • 4 hearts: "Only the river current knows where I came from and where I'm going."
  • 5 hearts: "As long as I'm going to fish, tasty ones are better. It's eating fish with relish that makes the fishing worthwhile. I may not look like a chef but my fish cooking is pretty good."
  • 6 hearts: "I'm fishing while traveling all over. I've been to many places. Here, it's kind of nice. I can be comfortable."
  • 7 hearts: "I don't really care for girls. Unlike fish, I can't figure women out, so all I prefer to do is cast and catch."
  • 8 hearts: "It's not enough to want someone to understand me. You have to meet each other halfway. "
  • 9 hearts: "Say, do you have someone you like? No? If you do, that's fine... I'm a fishing fool anyway. So, um, forget I asked this, okay?"
  • 10 hearts: "Being alone is comforting and free. I never thought about marriage, but now I'm thinking about that sort of thing."
  • Accepted Proposal: "Wha-what?! Are you proposing? Are you delirious? Other than fishing, I’m a guy with no merits. Are you okay with that?!"

Marriage Lines

  • "How nice. I never knew that greetings like good morning and good night would ever make me this happy."
  • "Er... uhh... umm, I love you."
  • After child is born: "So I'm a father. Thank you."
  • "Our family is growing. This is a very happy thing."
  • When shown your baby: "I never thought the day would come when I could see my own child."


Other Lines

  • Morning: "Good morning."
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