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This article is about Regis, a doctor from Doraemon: Story of Seasons. You may be looking for the other character named Regis from other games in the series..

Regis is a character in Doraemon: Story of Seasons. What a strange doctor but kind of a person, like to experiment his medicine to his patient.

He also sell his experimental medicine (key items) he make with Serena to increase Noby stamina permanently by 150 at max: Regis Drink (+5) 8,000G | Seludrink (+5) 10,000G | Regis Drink EX (+10) 15,000G | Seludrink EX (+10) 20,000G | Regi-Seludrink (+20) 25,000G.


(The only doctor in "Shizen Town". He think that health of the people in this town is his first priority, but there are some area where human relationships are dull.)

Clinic event (Realization Pen)

Chapter 0~4 go to Sue page.

Clinic event

Chapter 5 "Opportunity"

  • Regis 5❤︎ | Sue, Serena 6❤︎
  • Go to Clinic at 1PM

Chapter 6 "Girls Only?"

  • Regis 7❤︎ | Sue, Serena 8❤︎
  • Go to Clinic at 10AM

Chapter 7 "A Date"

  • Go to Clinic at 3PM

Chapter 8 "Two Medicines"

  • Sue 9❤︎ Heart
  • Go to Clinic at 3PM

Chapter 9 "Hush-Hush"

  • Serena 9❤︎
  • Go to Clinic 9PM

Chapter 10 "A Secret?"

  • Go to Clinic 3PM

Chapter 11 "All For You"

  • Sue 10❤︎
  • Go to Clinic 12PM

Chapter 12 "Truth Transmitter"

  • Go to Serena's House at 7PM

Chapter 13 "Holding Them"

  • At Farm after 2 days you trigger Chapter 12

Chapter 14 "Been A While"

  • Regis, Serena 10❤︎
  • Go to Clinic at 1PM


Opening hours at 10AM~12PM - 2PM~5PM

  • Open  : Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
  • Closed : Sunday and Thursday

Only on Saturday they open half a day, from 10AM until 12PM then closed.

Name Description Price Image
Enerdrink One purchase per day.

Might make you feel better-or worse-depending on the day. (+15)

200G 1588161183204
Vigorade One purchase per day.

Drink this and you'll be back to shape in no time! (+100)

1,200G 1588161191504
Animal Medicine Meds for sick animals. Keep giving until they feel better. 600G 1588161208356

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