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This article is about Renee, a character from Tree of Tranquility. You may be looking for Renee, a character from Animal Parade.
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Renee (リーナ Rīna) is a character in Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility. She is also one of the available bachelorettes to court.

Renee lives on Brownie Ranch with her parents Cain and Hanna. She's compassionate, and pleasant to be around. She occasionally likes going off to the waterfall to go fishing with Toby but is usually seen taking care of the animals on the ranch.

She's always looking out for what's best for the animals, and knows the animals better than her own parents do. Her birthday is Fall 5th, and she loves animal produce such as shining eggs or milk as well as anything yellow.


Regular Day Off (Monday):

  • 6:00 AM - 9:00 AM: Brownie Ranch District/Shop
  • 9:30AM - 11:00 AM: Walking to Caramel Falls (Ganache MD - Maple Lake - Caramel RD - Caramel Falls)
  • 11:00 AM - 3:30 PM: Caramel Falls
  • 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM: Walking back to Brownie Ranch
  • After 5:00 PM: Brownie Ranch District/Shop

Regular Day After Marriage:

Renee will now start calling you "Honey" now that you are married.

She would also go out every day to "Shop" for goods.


Loves: "Oh my! This is great! Thank you very much for this wonderful gift!"

  • Shining Eggs (Ostrich, Ducks, Chickens)
  • Cheese (Shining)
  • Yellow Wool Yarn
  • Yellow Perfume
  • Strawberry Milk
  • Shining Bouillabaisse
  • Steamed Egg
  • Seafood Doria
  • Seafood Stew
  • Salmon Fried Rice
  • Salmon Cream Stew

Likes: "Oh, It's great! I love it, thank you!" 

  • Perfect/Shining Breadfruit,
  • Shining Cacao,
  • Shining Corn,
  • Shining Tomato,
  • Shining Onion,
  • Shining Eggplant,
  • Shining Pumpkin,
  • Shining Yam,
  • Shining Carrot,
  • Shining Bell Pepper,
  • Shining Spinach,
  • Good/Perfect/Shining Strawberry,
  • Shining Honeydew,
  • Shining Watermelon,
  • Sunflower,
  • Yellow Herb,
  • Grilled Fish (any)
  • Perfect Egg
  • Good/Perfect Ostrich Egg,
  • Perfect Duck Egg
  • Perfect/Shining Milk,
  • Prefect/Shining Goat Milk,
  • Yellow Honey,
  • Shining Mayonnaise,
  • Prefect/Shining Butter,
  • Perfect/Shining Goat Butter,
  • Perfect/Shining Cheese,
  • Perfect/Shining Goat Cheese,
  • Perfect/Shining Wool Yarn,
  • Purple Wool Yarn,
  • Green Wool Yarn,
  • Red Wool Yarn,
  • Blue Wool Yarn,
  • Good/Perfect Bouillabaisse
  • Amber,
  • Topaz
  • Hot Milk
  • Milk Tea

Neutral: "Thank You"

  • Good Egg
  • Good Milk
  • Good Goat Milk
  • Cocoa
  • Perfect Rice
  • Rainbow Trout
  • Very Berry
  • Fodder/Feed
  • Herb (Blue/Red/Purple/Green)


  • Junk Ore
  • Algae
  • Scrap Iron
  • Toadstool
  • Failed/Weird Dish/Soup
  • Empty Can
  • Swim Shorts
  • Rubber Boot
  • (Shining)Bamboo Shoot

Too Many Gifts: "Umm... That's enough for today!"

Good Birthday Gift: "Oh my! A birthday present? Thank you! It's a wonderful gift! I'm touched!"


Almost every bachelorette in the game has a bachelor that you will compete with to vie for the bachelorette's affection. Likewise, these rivals have conditions before they can marry the chosen bachelorette. They (or rather, you) need to trigger three events before they are able to marry the marriage candidate.

The advantage of getting the couple married is that they are resulted with one child, another villager you will get to interact with. Each couple has a unique child that takes traits from both parents.

In Renee's case, your rival is Toby, and on Renee's days off (Mondays), you can often see her going up to Caramel Falls to fish with Toby. Should they marry, they will have a son named Matt. He inherits his parents' love for nature and fishing, and their sunny attitude.

Heart Events


Renee's gift at a two-heart affection level.

2-Heart Event

Renee will come to your house and give you a Decent Chicken Egg.

Renee: "Good morning!" Takes out Decent Chicken Egg. "This is for you! It's nothing special, but take it as a token of our growing closer together."

Player: For best results: "Thank you!"

Renee: "It's really fresh! You should have some as soon as possible. See you later, then."

4-Heart Event

Upon talking to Renee at the appropriate time, she will ask if you're free for lunch, and whether or not one would like to have lunch with her. Afterward's, be sure to show up at the beach near On The Hook around noon (cannot trigger the event if you show up late and she will stand one up for the date and lose affection points).

Renee: Waves, approaches the player. "Hello. Were you waiting a long time? I'm glad you came."

Player: Blushes.

Renee: "'I hope you're hungry... I made this myself."

Player: Nods. We then both appear happily sitting together overlooking the ocean.

Renee: "I hope you like it, [Name]. I put a lot of effort into making it great just for you. How do you like it?"

Player: For best results: "Delicious!"

Renee: Blushes. "I'm delighted! I'm happy that you like what I made, [Name]!"

Player: Music notes appear over your head. Hearts appear over hers.

After the date...

Renee: "Well, I definitely had fun today. Thank you for coming out here today.Good luck with your work! See you soon!"

Player: Waves goodbye.

5-Heart Event

Renee will come to your house and give you a Cheese Omelet.

Renee: "Good Morning." Takes out a Cheese Omelet. "I-I just dropped by to share some of this with you. I really hope you like it!

Player: For best results: "Thank you"

Renee: Blushes. "I made it with fresh butter and eggs. Its best before it gets cold, but you can try it when ever you're hungry. See you later then!"

6-Heart Event

Talk to Renee at the appropriate time and she'll ask you to meet her later at Alan's Tree. Go to the tree at around 12.00 - 1.00 PM and she'll confess her love to you, you may then reject or accept her. If you show up after 1.00 PM, she will stand one up and the player will lose affection points with her.

Renee: Sways with arms behind her back and blushes "...Well, uh... I've come to really... like you, (name). I can't really stop thinking about you..."

Player: For best results: I'm delighted!

Renee: (Music notes appear) Really?! That means... our feelings are mutual? (Love Symbol)

Player: Nods

Renee: "I'm so happy. I thought you might not like me... It's such a great feeling, really. See you again soon then!" (Runs off).

Player: Blushes, with a massive red heart above his head.

Thanksgiving (3 or more hearts)

Renee will come to your house and give you Shining Butter and Cheesecake.


The bundle of joy you get from marrying Renee will have a friendly and laid-back personality. Regardless of whether it's a boy or a girl, they will have brown, dreamy eyes, a soft smile, and brown hair. The boy's hair will be medium brown and looks a little unkempt, like bedhead. The girl's hair will be light brown, shoulder-length, and curled at the ends.


Rival Events

(NOTE! In order to trigger rival events you must befriend the person of YOUR character's gender to 2 hearts for the first event, and then later 3 hearts for the final event. These events will occur in the same location at approximately the same time with the same needed conditions to trigger them.)

2-Heart Event

Enter Caramel Falls on a sunny or cloudy Monday at 1pm.

Then, you'll find Renee trying to catch a fish but the fish gets away and her fishing line breaks. Toby shows up just as the fish gets away. Renee hopes that Toby didn't see her trying to get that fish so she asked and Toby said that he just arrived. Renee told Toby that her fishing line broke from the fish so Toby then fixes it.

This event will happen when you are good friends with Toby if you're a male or good friends with Renee if you're a female and you have to get two hearts on the same gender out of these rivals in order to make this event happen. You make this event happen.

3-Heart Event

Enter Caramel Falls on a sunny/cloudy Monday at 1pm.

This event will happen when you are good friends with Toby if your a male or good friends with Renee if your a female and you have to get three hearts on the same gender out of these rivals in order to make this event happen. You make this event happen.

The two will be sitting by the falls eating riceballs.

Toby: that was very good. thank you.

Renee: I'm glad that you liked it!

Toby: You cook well.

Music notes appear over Renee's head

Renee: Um, Thanks!

Toby turns and looks at the water fall.

Toby: What a nice day it is today.


Toby: Calm air and a pleasant breeze... it really is a great day.

Renee: It is, Isn't it?

Toby turns back to Renee.

Toby: It's such a great day, in fact, that why don't we get married?

A music note appears over Renee again.

Renee: Sure!

Exclaimation point appears over her head as she covers her mouth.

Renee: Wait? what?!

Toby: Will you marry me?

Renee blushes and sways.

Renee: W-W-W-What?! Married? you mean you and me?! Together for the rest of our lives?!

Toby:Yes, thats what I mean. ... Will you accept my proposal?

Toby pulls out a blue feather

Renee blushes happily and continues to sway with her arms behind her back.

Renee: ...U-Um... Sure! If I'm the one you're looking for...

Toby: Wonderful, Let's go and let everyone know.

Renee: O-Okay...!

A heart appears above the two and they walk away.


For Renee's 5 heart request, you must visit the windmill prior to the completion of the first rainbow, one would see a cutscene where Renee expresses her worry about the windmill, which has ceased to turn.

Once you have completed Daren's rainbow, go out to the Brownie Ranch windmill again. A cut-scene will start, and Renee will have spotted you and excitedly tell you the windmill is working again. She then asks you if it was your hard work that brought the wind back. Answer yes and she'll say she knew it. Renee will then reward you with a kiss! This gives you a little boost in her affection. Unlike other bachelor(ette)s, this 5 heart request happens at any heart level you have with Renee. For example: you can witness the cut-scene/request even if she has no heart(s).

Renee's Child

  • Like: Strawberries, sweets, Pink Cat Mint flowers.
  • Dislike: Yogurt and spicy dishes.
  • Son Looks: Messy hair, sleepy eyes, freckle face. Yellow clothing.
  • Daughter Looks: Hair curled at ends and sleepy eyes. Pink dress.
  • Act: Carefree and friendly.