Hanna's Restaurant is one of the stores in Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories.

The Restaurant serves various kinds of food that will be useful if you want to go mining or just want your stamina to last a bit longer to finish all your chores! In addition, you can buy Hanna's recipes for when you gather enough ingredients to make your own food.

The Restaurant  is open from 10AM to 8 PM every day except Mondays and Fridays.

Food Menu

The kind and variety of food available at Hanna's Restaurant will increase as you become better friends with her. The Condiments needed for some recipes, salt & Sugar, appear at the very end of the list and they are always available.

Menu Price
Bread 330G
Black Bread 500G
Baguette 500G
Strawberry Jam 350G
Apple Jam 350G
Marmalade 350G
Mayonnaise 350G
Yogurt 350G
Butter 350G
Cheese 350G
Boiled Egg 350G
Fried Egg 350G
Meuniere 800G
Great Meuniere 1200G
Ultimate Boiled Egg 900G
Supreme Boiled Egg 1000G
Sugar 30G
Salt 30G


The recipes list is fixed from the start. As you start buying recipes to make stuff yourself, they will disappear from this list. Once you have all the recipes, this tab will disappear.

(*) This recipe is available only AFTER you have your first child.

All the recipes contain the great, supreme, ultimate and legendary varieties of the same dish. For example if you buy the recipe for Bread you will also be getting the recipe for Great Bread, etc.

Recipes Price
Bread 300G
Black Bread 300G
Baguette 300G
Grilled Fish 300G
Grilled Arowana 300G
(*)Formula Milk 50G
Strawberry Jam 300G
Apple Jam 300G
Marmalade 300G
Mayonnaise 300G
Yogurt 300G
Butter 300G
Cheese 300G
Boiled Egg 300G
Fried Egg 300G
Meuniere 500G


Buy the ingredients to make bread from Hanna.

NOTE on useless items that are more likely remnants left unclean from a previous game TLV:

  1. Only certain types of flour will be of use on this list. The rest serve no purpose whatsoever.
  2. Flour is not an item you can gift to anyone, in spite of what Tabitha may say.

(♪) Only available after you have reached at least one One Full Musical Note with Hanna.

Recipes Price
Flour (♪) 170G
Great Flour 200G
Great Durum Flour 290G
Great Barley Flour 200G
Great Rye Flour 280G
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