Male Version

  • "___, it's peaceful here in the Valley, huh?"
  • "Oh, ___! You look carefree."
  • "Ah, ___! You look bored."
  • At the mansion: "Welcome, ___!"

Female Version

  • (First Meeting) You seem busy again today. I'm pretty relaxed because I don't work.
  • "Hey, ___! How are you?"
  • "Hey, ____. Taking a break?"
  • "Hey, ____. I'm feeling on top of the world today!"
  • At the mansion: "Welcome. ___."
  • Inn Lobby: "Come on in, ___."


Male Version

  • "Places as peaceful as here are truly rare."
  • "There's nothing going on. If there is, let me know."
  • "There are a lot of strange people in the Valley, huh? Heh heh heh..."
  • "How is your farm? I should give that a try too. If you can do it, I can too!"
  • When shown a Blue Feather: "Isn't that used to propose to someone? Huh? Are you going to get married?"
  • When shown your dog: "This is pretty cool! Is it your dog? That's neat, I want one."
  • At the Inn: "What am I doing? Helping out around here! But I am just chatting..."
  • At the Blue Bar: "Yaaah! Are you having fun? ____, this place is nice, isn't it? I love it here! Everyone loves it here!"
  • At the beach: "The sea feels good, huh? I wish I could go surfing! Maybe someday..." "I can't surf though... Maybe I can do it. Hah-ha-ha-ha!"

At the spring:

  • "I come here to take it easy. In life, you just need time to sit and stare at nothing. "
  • You should try to stop work and just stare off into space sometimes."

Female Version

  • "What am I doing? Helping around the house. But I'm just talking to customers."
  • "There's a lot of weird people living in the valley. Heh heh heh."
  • "___. The Forget-Me-Not-Valley's so peaceful. I don't think there are many places where nothing bad happens like here."
  • "Anything interesting happening? Let me know if there is."
  • "I don't think there's anything more pointless than work. Don't you agree? I can't stand sweating buckets working."
  •  "Is the ranch making money? Maybe I should try it too. If you can do it, I'm sure I can too."
  • Rejects the Blue Feather: "A Blue Feather? I don't want to be tied down by marriage yet."
  • When shown your dog/cat: "Awesome! Is it yours? I like it."

You are married to somebody else:

  • "Since you're earning the gold, your husband must be taking it easy. I should have married you."
  • "I'll come visit the ranch some time. Make a nice meal for me, okay? I'm counting on you."

He is married to Lumina:

  • (when at the mansion): "What do you think of my garden? Beautiful, isn't it?"

At the spring:

  • "I feel relaxed when I come here."
  • "In life, you've gotta spend some time just daydreaming."
  • "____, why don't you try daydreaming instead of working for a bit?"

At the Blue Bar:

  • "Yay! Having a drink, ___?"
  • "This place is great. It's my favorite place. Everyone else thinks so too, though."


Male Version

  • Loved: "Huh? Is this for me? Yah! This is great! I love it!"
  • Liked: "Thank you! Heh heh heh... You are a really great guy!"
  • Disliked: "Huh... Ah, well.. Thank you..."
  • Hated: "I don't really like it, but thanks anyway. A bit of a waste, but..."
  • Birthday Gift: "Huh? Is this for my birthday? This is pretty cool! Thank you!"
  • When given perfume: "Isn't that a brand-name item? Ha ha, I can tell. Thank you!"
  • When given jewelry: "__, you've got me pegged, don't you? What I like and all."
  • When given accessories: "Thanks! You are really a great guy!"

Female Version

  • Favorite:  "It's a Cheese Fondue! I like these. Thanks!"
  • Loved: "What? It's for me?! Great! I love these!"
  • Loved (when married to Rock): "____.... I appreciate it. Thanks."
  • Liked: "Thanks. Heheheh, you're a nice person."
  • Liked (when married to Rock): "Wow! Thanks! I wanted one of these."
  • Neutral: "Thanks."
  • Disliked: "Umm.. Well.. Never mind. Thanks..."
  • Disliked (when married to Rock): "I didn't say this before getting married, but I don't like this."
  • Hated: "I hate this. But I'll take it anyway. It'd be a waste."
  • Hated (when married to Rock): "Come on, don't tick me off. I'm gonna throw this away."
  • Birthday Gift: "What? A present for me? This is great. Thank you!!"
  • Birthday Gift (when married to Rock): "Yahoo! A birthday present? Thank you!"
  • When given jewelery: "___. You understand, don't you? What I like."
  • When given jewelery (if married to Rock): "I knew it, ____. You know what I like."
  • When given accessories: "Thanks. You're a good person."
  • When given accessories (if married to Rock): "Thanks. I'll take good care of it."
  • When given perfume: "It smells lovely. Thanks! I wonder if Lumina'll like it?"

Heart Lines

Note: Rock's heart lines can be seen by speaking to him at the beach.

  • Black Heart: "Hey, ____. Do you like it here?"
  • Purple Heart: "I like it here too. The great, gentle sea! It's just like me."
  • Blue Heart: "When I look at the sea, all I can think of is how little I really am."
  • Green Heart: "Faced with the sea, it's hard to see what the point of working is."
  • Yellow Heart: "If you've got some time, how about a date? No? Too bad."
  • Orange Heart: "Isn't working on the ranch hard? Is it fun? I'd like to try it just once. I wonder if I can do it."
  • Red Heart: "Can I come visit your ranch, ____? Why? well, just so that in the future... No, never mind."

Marriage Lines

  • Red Heart: "I'll do the housework for ____ out of love. I've gotta at least do the housework. Leave it to me."
  • Orange Heart: "When will you be done today? Don't work yourself too hard. Your health is the most important thing."
  • Yellow Heart: "____.... You really work a lot. We've got a good balance going on. You work hard and I hardly work. Ha ha ha!"
  • Green Heart: "It doesn't really feel like we're married. Well.... That's okay."
  • Blue Heart: "Sigh... Was it right to get married? It's no fun if we don't communicate."


  • Red Heart: "Hey, good morning. I had a dream about you, ____.  You said that you really loved me in my dream. Hahaha. How cute!"
  • Orange Heart: "Mornin'. ____... Nothing feels as good as starting the morning at the ranch."
  • Yellow Heart: "Oh. Good morning... Good luck at work."
  • Green Heart: "Ugh.. You're always full of life first thing in the morning, ____."
His Birthday (before having a child)

Rock: ____, did you finish work? I actually cooked today! I can do it if I try. So do you know what today is? That's riiiiiiight! Well, let's eat. I don't know if it tastes any good though! I'm so lucky to be together with you, ____."

Rival Marriage Lines

Male Version

Rival Wedding Ceremony:

Rock and Lumina get married:

Rock: "Guess what. Can you believe it, I'm getting married. To Lumina. It's not easy to be a popular guy like me. The ceremony is now. Come to the beach with me. Let's go!!"

Thomas: "It is my honor to preside over this wedding. And now I will ask the bride. Do you promise to love Rock as long as you shall live?"

Lumina: "I do."

Thomas: "Wonderful! And now I will ask the groom. Do you promise to love Lumina as long as you shall live?"

Rock: "I do."

Lumina: "Make me happy."

Rock: "Leave it to me."

Thomas: "I now pronounce you married."

Harvest Goddess: "____, ___. For the two of them, let me toll the wedding bells."

  • "I didn't think I would start living here! Life is hard to understand!"
  • "Lumina says that I dress strangly. Do you think so too?"
  • "After I got married, my freedom went away."
  • "After marrying Lumina, everything seems so rosy! Hah-ha-ha-ha-ha! I am really fortunate, but on the other hand I am scared... Hah-ha-ha-ha!"
  • "It seems like Lumina is bothered that I don't work at all... It's just that work is such a pain for me! So, I am just fine how I am!"

Female Version

Rival Wedding Ceremony:

Rock and Lumina get married:

Rock: "Tadaaa! Guess what? I'm getting married. To Lumina! It's hard being this popular. The ceremony's about to start. Come to the beach! All right, let's go!

Thomas: "I, Thomas, will now begin this honorable marriage ceremony. I will now ask the bride. Do you swear to love Carter until death do you part?"

Lumina: "I do."

Thomas: "Good. I will now ask the groom, do you swear to love Flora until death do you part?"

Rock: "I do."

Lumina: "Take good care of me."

Rock: "Leave it to me."

Thomas: "I now pronounce you man and wife."

Harvest Goddess: "____, ___. This is from me for the two of you. It's a bell."

  • "I feel like I've lost some of my freedom getting married."
  • "This lifestyle really suits me. After all, I don't have to work!"
  • "I never thought I'd live here. You never can tell in life."
  • "Lumina seems bothered that I don't work. For me, to work is to suffer. So, I'm happy the way things are."
  • "When I'm in the mansion, I miss my old room sometimes. But I don't think I could go back to that lifestyle."
  • "Lumina says my clothes are weird, that's not true, right?"
  • "You'll realize what a little princess Lumina is when you live with her. She keeps scolding me for my bad manners when we eat."
  • "Oh man. Since I got married, Lumina's gotten mad at me a lot more often. Well, I think getting mad is just another side of her love. Hahahahahaahaha!!"
  • "Sebastian's amazing. He does the cooking, cleaning, everything in the mansion all by himself. Lumina keeps complaining that she should at least do some cooking."


Spring Thanksgiving Festival:

  • "Tada! Today is the Spring Thanksgiving Festival. I want you to have this. Bye bye!"

Cooking Festival: 

  • (male version): " I'm so excited for today! I'll be able to eat all kinds of food!"
  • (male version): "Guys who can cook sure have it made with girls."
  • (male version): "Me? I don't have to do things like that to get girls to come flocking to me."
  • (female version): "I'm excited about today. There's so many different kinds of food to eat!"
  • (female version): "Sweet! I can eat so many different girls' cooking! My Mom's cooking is nothing new though."

Duck Festival:

  • (male version): "You can't really tell what goes on in a duck's head, can you?" 
  • (male version): "With so many ducks here, soon we'll start dreaming about them!"
  • (female version): "You never know what ducks are thinking, do you?"
  • (female version): "With all these ducks around, I think I'll have a dream about them tonight."
  • When married to Rock: "We should enter next year too. If this is our competition, we can definitely win."
  • You enter a duck (male version): "Didn't you say your duck will be in the Duck Festival? I'll be cheering for you!"
  • You enter a duck and lose (male version): "Can't lose now! Everyone knows that winning is just a matter of luck!"
  • You enter your duck (female version): "You're going to enter your duck too, ____? I'll be cheering for you."
  • You enter and win (female version): "Oh, that was amazing! Show me how you raise it sometime."
  • You enter and lose (female version): "Don't be depressed. You win some and you lose some."

Beach Opening:

  • (male festival): "The food is pretty good. I think my cooking is better, though. Yet, I never cooked before..."
  • (female version): "We have a feast on this day every year. It's pretty good."
  • (female version): "That's about right, I guess... Of course, if I coooked, it'd be way better. Although I've never cooked.."

Fireworks Festival:

  • "___! It's fireworks! I look forward to this every year!
  • You offer to watch with him: "Sure, of course. Nice, I'm so happy that a girl invited me!"
  • While watching: "They're so beautiful! How do you make them? Maybe I should come see some time."

Sheep Festival:

  • (male version): "The sheep is in such a daze. Actually, I think it's trying to throw off the opponent."
  • (female version): "Sheep love to just stare out into space. That's their way of making us think they're harmless."
  • (male version): "After seeing this many sheep, I'll sleep soundly tonight."
  • (female version): "Seeing all these sheep around, I'll sleep well tonight."
  • You enter a sheep (male version): "Entering the Sheep Festival? It'd be great if you win! I'll be watching from here!"
  • You enter and lose (male version): "Ah, too bad! There's always next year..."
  • You enter a sheep (female version): "You're entering the Sheep Festival? I hope you win. I'll look on from here."
  • You enter and lose (female version): "Ahh, that's too bad. Let's just hope for next year."

Winter Thanksgiving Festival:

  • "Huh? Are you sure you want to give it to me? I'll gladly take it if it's for me!"

Starry Night Festival:

  • He invites you: "Tomorrow's the Star Festival! We're having a party in our kitchen. ___, you're coming too, right?"
  • You decline: "What? You're not going? All right... See you later..."

When married to Rock:

  • "Huh? Tomorrow's the Star Festival. I'm looking forward to it!"
  • "It's party time! I put a lot of effort into making this. Let's eat it together!"
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