Ronald's Supermarket Hours
Ronald's Supermarket STH 1
Ronald's Supermarket STH 2

Ronald's Supermarket is a store in Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland.

It is the grocery store in the valley owned by Ronald. The store sells various foods. The player is able to sell food and crops to Ronald as well. 

It's open from 8AM until 6PM from Monday to Saturday, and is closed on Sunday. 


Item  Price
Rice Ball 200g
Sandwich 250g
Soft Bread 150g
Honey 200g
Cheese 500g
Milk S 150g
Egg 50g

Selling Prices

Item Price
Potato 60g
Tomato 80g
Corn 120g
Breadfruit 100g
Very Berry 10g
Cranberry 20g
Blueberry 30g
Cheese 500g
Yogurt 350g
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