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This article is about Ronald, a character from Magical Melody. You may be looking for Ronald, a character from Save the Homeland, or Ronald from Leaf Valley.

Ronald is a villager in Harvest Moon: Magical Melody.

You will meet Ronald for your first time on the 17th day of Spring during the Spring Horse Races. He will be betting on the horse races with Dan. Once you've met Ronald, he may visit Flowerbed Village on weekends until he moves in permanently. You will also be able to see him again every Spring Horse Race.

In order for him to move in, you will need to plant trees using the seeds you can purchase from the Seed Shop. Ronald will move in shortly after this, and will open up Paradise Orchard - which will be located at the base of the Mountain next to Jamie Ranch.

He will employ Dan to help him work at the Orchard. Once befriended, you will also be able to unlock Meryl through him once he reaches three hearts. 

When you befriend him to five hearts, he gives you the recipe for Very Berry Soda.


Gift Preferences
Loved Apple Soda, Blue Yarn, Breadfruit, Grape, Grape Soda, Green Yarn, Purple Yarn, Shiny Wool, Shiny Yarn, Special Egg, Special Milk, Very Berry Soda
Liked Anchovy, Apple, Apple Jam, Apple Juice, Baked Chestnut, Baked Corn, Baked Potato, Baked Yam, Blue Balm, Blue Mist Flower, Blueberry Jam, Blueberry Juice, Boiled Egg, Bonito Sashimi, Bonito Steak, Bouillabaisse, Branch, Bread, Broiled Halibut, Broiled Flounder, Broiled M. Flounder, Broiled Mackerel, Broiled Opaleye, Broiled Shinapper, Broiled Snadore, Broiled Snapper, Broiled Tuna, Broiled Yellowtail, Cheese Omelette, Clam, Cocoa, Copper Ore, Corn Bread, Corn Soup, Cream Salmon, Dull Wool, Dull Yarn, Egg, Egg Sandwich, Flounder Meuniere, Flounder Sashimi, Fried Veggies, Good Butter, Good Egg, Good Milk, Gold Brooch, Gold Ore, Grape Juice, Green Balm, Green Herb, Grilled Clam, Grilled Crawfish, Grilled Halibut, Grilled Lobster, Grilled Mackerel, Grilled Salmon, Grilled Sardine, Grilled Saury, Grilled Shrimp, Grilled Snapper, Halfbeck Sashimi, Grilled Smelt, Grilled Tuna, Halibut Meuniere, Halibut Sashimi, Hot Milk, Jamasquid Teriyaki, Lampsquid Teriyaki, Limestone, Lobster Sashimi, M. Flounder Meuniere, M. Flounder Sashimi, Marmalade, Milk, Moon Balm, Moondrop Flower, Mushroom Saute, Mushroom Soup, Nice Squid Teriyaki, Onion Soup, Opaleye Sashimi, Orange, Orange Balm, Orange Herb, Orange Juice, Orange Yarn, Pancake, Pie Dough, Pink Yarn, Pinkcat Flower, Pizza, Plain Omelette, Popcorn, Purple Herb, Potage Soup, Pumpkin Soup, Quesadilla, Red Herb, Red Yarn, Salmon Meuniere, Salted Halfback, Salted Saury, Salted Smelt, Sardine Meuniere, Sardine Sashimi, Saury Sashimi, Shinapper, Shinapper Sashimi, Shrimp Sashimi, Silver Brooch, Silver Ore, Snadore, Snadore Sashimi, Snapper, Snapper Sashimi, Special Butter, Spicy Fried Veggies, Spicy Stew, Spinach Saute, Squid Teriyaki, Steamed Clam, Stew, Strawberry Jam, Sunny-Side Up, Tomato Juice, Tomato Omelette, Tomato Sandwich, Tomato Soup, Tortilla, Truffle Saute, Tuna Sashimi, Tuna Steak, Veggie Salad, Very Berry Jam, Very Berry Juice, Wool, Yarn, Yellow Yarn, Yellowtail Sashimi, Yellowtail Teriyaki, Yogurt
Disliked Boot (Both), Can, Failed Dish, Grass Juice, Junk Ore, Toadstool Saute, Weed, Weird Dish

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