Rose Square is an area in Harvest Moon: Back To Nature, located in Mineral Town.


Mayor Thomas in Rose Square

Rose Square is where almost all of the festivals are held. If the weather is good, some of the villagers will gather here and talk, for example, Manna, Anna and Sasha. Mayor Thomas can be also see here looking at the Board; a billboard showing which events and festivals are available for the current season. There's also a trash can, where you can throw away your garbage. However, if you choose to not use it and instead litter, you may affect the villagers' affection towards you.

Festivals and Events

There are many festivals held in Rose Square, but some are held at other locations. Basic examples are the Cow Festival and the Sheep Festival, which are held at the Yodel Ranch.

Spring Festivals

Summer Festivals

Fall Festival

Winter Festival

*The Dog Race is not actually a festival; it is an event held in the Rose Square.

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