"But, you know that Pietro isn't a bad guy, don't you?"

Rue (ルー, Lugh) is a character in Return to PoPoLoCrois: A Story of Seasons Fairytale.

A boy who made delicious soup for Prince Pietro. He lives inside the forest with his older brother, Nino.[2] Nino's little brother. A polite, well-spoken young boy with a true green thumb and a curious fascination for all life, big and small. Has an extremely weak constitution that leaves him bedridden on a fairly regular basis, sending Nino's fraternal instincts into overdrive. While Nino ensures the land is safe, Rue ensures it produces top-quality vegetables that can be sold to the local populace at a tidy profit to sustain the modest existence these two brothers enjoy. How long this lifestyle can last is unknown, however, and Rue more than anyone knows it may be time for a change of scenery…[3]


Name of skill Element/Partner Star Lv1 Star Lv2 Star Lv3 Description
Breath of Life Light/Prince Petro Evokes healing powers from within that restore HP to allies in range.
Rainbow Arc Wind/Narcia Shines rainbow-colored light down from the heavens, restoring HP to all party members.


  1. でも、ピエトロが悪い人じゃないのはわかるよ?
  2. ピエトロ王子においしいカブのスープを作ってくれた男の子。兄であるニノと一緒に、森の中で暮らしている。
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