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The Safari is a place you can visit within Story of Seasons. it features a place very similar to the Animal Sanctuary in A New Beginning, but with many added bonuses. It will become available to you when you unlock Agate in the Fall of the first year.


Bringing your animals to the sanctuary will help reduce their stress and improve their produce. If an animal has spent 100+ hours within the safari, they will start to give out items with the + quality. Even if the animal no longer goes to the safari after this, the quality of their produce will not decrease. You may only bring your animals once per day while the guild is still open, but you may stay there until 21:00.

The vendors will also give you gifts in the form of animals that live within the safari. If you raise your reputation with them by buying and selling with, they will announce that their country has a gift for you. This gift is always an animal and you will need the help of Gunther and Corona to upgrade the safari to house these animals. One the expansions are completed, you may talk to the vendor again and they will deliver the item to their new home.

These animals are similar to the ones you find around Oak Tree Town. By befriending them, you can receive gifts for your love and devotion to these critters. You can find more information about them, please refer to here.


The safari is the only place where you can mine for materials that you'll need for upgrading your tools and buildings. The mine is a small section on the eastern side of the area and in the back. You will only be allowed to mine from it a certain amount per day. The better your hammer, the better the materials you'll be able to get from inside it. It's also best to wait a while between uses to increase the chances of the rare materials.

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