Saibara's Shop is a location in Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town and Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town.

The home of Saibara and Gray. If you talk to Saibara in front of the counter when the shop is open, you can buy tools from him or have him upgrade your current tools. The blacksmith's is open from 10am until 4pm and is closed on Thursdays and holidays.

Saibara is the only character who can upgrade your tools. It is also the only place to buy farming tools and get makers made for your farm. While Saibara is working, the shop will be closed and inaccessible and you will have to come and get the tool when it is ready.


In order to upgrade a tool, you must have both the tool and the appropriate ore for the job.


 Tool  Price 
 Brush   800G 
Clippers 1,800G
Milker 2,000G


Tool Cost Days
Copper Tool 1,000G 3
Silver Tool 2,000G 3
Gold Tool 3,000G 3
Mystrile Tool 5,000G 3
Mythic Tool 50,000G 7


Saibara also uses some ores that can be found in floor 10 or lower of the spring mine to make the OO Makers and accessories for a girl.

Maker or Accessory Ore Cost
Mayonnaise Maker Adamantite Ore 20,000G
Yarn Maker Adamantite Ore 20,000G
Cheese Maker Adamantite Ore 20,000G
Accessory Orichalcum Ore 1,000G
  • Note: Accessory will be random and either will be earring, necklace, etc.
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