• Loves Line: "Hm! This is... You do pretty good. I gratefully accept. I appreciate it."
  • Likes Line:
  • Neutral Line:
  • Dislikes Line:

Heart Lines

  • First Line: "It takes time to get familar with a new land. First you must learn the roads and trails."
  • 0/1 heart line: "There's good clay in this mountain cave, but it's hard to come by."
  • 2/3 heart line: ''"Anyone can shape clay and make things. It's whether or not one can make it as their occupation."
  • 4/5 heart line: "I shape clay every single day without taking a day off all year. That's how you can finally call yourself a professional potter."
  • 6 heart line: "I don't have much longer left to live. What's left for me is to hopefully be able to leave behind acceptable pieces."
  • 7 heart line: 
  • 8 heart line:"Congratulations. I wish you happiness in your life. See you."
  • 9-10 heart line:"We experience so much in life. Falling for someone is also an important experience. Painful and sad things will all become part of what makes up you."


  • Rainy day below ?? hearts: "It's nice how rainy days are quiet."

Other Lines

  • When shown your baby: "How nice. Children are comforting."
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