This article is about Sally, a character from The Lost Valley. You may be looking for Sally in her other appearances throughout the series.

Sally is a character in Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley.

One of the youngest residents in the Lost Valley, Sally always tries to be strong and reliable, though sometimes she can’t resist acting her age.

A mix of self-sufficient and precocious, Sally always tries to be strong, and thinks she can take care of herself without anybody’s help. However, still being a young girl, she sometimes gets frustrated when she can’t do something on her own. Raised by her grandmother, Sally was orphaned as an infant, and yearns to know more about where she truly comes from. However, she hides these yearnings deep inside her heart.

You’ll need to earn Sally’s trust and friendship before she’ll open up to you, but when she does, you’ll discover a whole new side of her! Sally also has a ‘rivalry’ with a boy around her age named Jimmy [1]


You'll only be able to take and complete her requests when she's in front of your home.

  • Sally's Hunger 1

Acquired at 5% chemistry. It looks like Sally is a little bit hungry! She'll try to put it off when you catch her in the act, but don't let her fool you. She'll need 6 strawberries to complete her quest. Your reward will be 3 broccoli seeds.

  • Sally's Hunger 2

Sally's hungry again, but shes more open to tell you about it. Although she can survive on her own, so she says, she wishes she could eat something good once in a while. She'll need 6 milks for now. Your reward will be 3 iron ore!

  • Sally's Hunger 3

Sally's issue seems to be quite often about her hunger. She's still hungry and she wishes that she could eat something delicious. This time, she'll need 6 tomatoes. Your reward for doing so will be 3 baby spinach seeds.


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