Sam is a Merchant who goes from the town to home on location in Harvest Moon: Skytree Village

Hours: Mon-Sat 6AM-8PM

Sam is a traveling merchant that is met once the game is started and the shop is unlocked at the same time as Sam. Sam is located either in town or at home. On Sundays, the shop is not open and he is at his house. Sam buys all types of product and is the main supply for crop seeds, fertilizer, and animal food.


His prices are somewhat ridiculous because he tries to get more money and swindle. Some items can be purchased for cheaper at other shops.


Item Price Unlock
Soil 10G
Softwood Lumber 100G
Stone 100G


Item Price Unlock
Cabbage Seeds 20G Default
Celery Seeds 20G Default
Onion Seeds 30G Default
Strawberry Seeds 20G Default
Tomato Seeds 20G
Corn Seeds 10G
Green Pepper Seeds 20G
Wheat Seeds 10G
Hot Pepper Seeds 30G
Potato Seeds 30G
Carrot Seeds 20G
Pumpkin Seeds 30G
Spinach Seeds 20G
Broccoli Seeds 30G
Blueberry Seeds 30G
Watermelon Seeds 60G
Asparagus Seeds 40G
Cone Tree Sprout 250G


Item Price Unlock
Fertilizer 50G Default
Peach Compost 350G
Apple Compost 350G
Orange Compost 350G
Mosquitofish Blend 350G
Carp Blend 350G
Berry Blend 350G
Tomato Blend 350G
Barley Blend 350G
Durum Wheat Blend 350G
Organic Compost 350G
Bass Blend 350G
Asparagus Blend 350G


Item Price Unlock
Animal Feed 20G
Great Animal Feed 70G


Item Price Unlock
Salt 150G


This is the only place (so far) medicine can be purchased for animals.

Item Price Unlock
Animal Medicine 5000G
Chicken Medicine 3500G


Some items can be sold at other shops for more.


Item Price
Material Stone 50G
Stone 30G
Softwood Lumber 30G
Hardwood Lumber 30G
Mysterious Lumber 100G
Soil 1G
Bag of Soil


Item Price
Milk 50G
Great Milk 75G
Ultimate Milk 100G
Supreme Milk 125G
Miracle Milk 150G
Egg 30G
Great Egg 45G
Ultimate Egg 60G
Supreme Egg
Miracle Egg
Wool 100G
Great Wool 150G
Ultimate Wool 200G
Supreme Wool
Miracle Wool
Donkey Fur
Great Donkey Fur 180G
Ultimate Donkey Fur 240G
Supreme Donkey Fur 300G
Miracle Donkey Fur 360G


Item Price
Gold Ore 100G
Silver Ore 90G
Fluorite Ore 240G
Crystal Ore 260G
Bronze Ore 80G
Iron Ore 70G
Mithril Ore 110G
Jade Ore 220G
Stone 30G
Agate Ore 200G
Glass Material 60G
Pink Diamond Ore 330G
Sapphire Ore 320G
Orichalcum Ore 120G
Mithril Ore 120G
Topaz Ore 300G
Onyx Ore 290G
Amethyst Ore 320G
Agate Ore 200G
Crystal Ore 260G
Jade Ore 220G
Moonstone Ore 280G

Refined Ore

Item Price
Glass 150G
Iron 300G
Bronze 600G
Silver 800G
Gold 1000G
Mithril 1500G


Item Price
Agate 1000G
Jade 1000G
Fluorite 1000G
Crystal 2250G
Peridot 2250G
Topaz 3000G
Amethyst 3200G
Emerald 3200G
Sapphire 3200G
Pink Diamond 3300G
Ruby 3200G
Diamond 3300G
Moonstone 2500G
Onyx 2500G
Soul Gem 5000G


Item Price
Carron Seeds 15G
Pumpkin Seeds 23G
Blueberry Seeds 23G
Watermelon Seeds 45G
Asparagus Seeds 30G
Pink Pansy Seeds 34G
Marguerite Seeds 34G
Tulip Seeds 28G
Pink Rose Seeds 42G
Sunflower Seeds 34G
Spinach Seeds 15G
Broccoli Seeds 23G
Corn Seeds
Fodder Corn Seeds 8G


Item Price
Berry Blend 88G
Tomato Blend 88G


Item Price
Animal Feed 3G
Great Animal Feed 11G


Item Price
Crucian Carp 100G
Rainbow Trout 350G
Mosquitofish 50G
Perch 119G
Yellow Perch 119G
Barbatus 105G
Bluegill 84G
Black Bass 100G


Item Price
Cabbage 28G
Celery 50G
Mystic Herb 124G
Onion 74G
Strawberry 50G
Tomato 50G
Great Tomato 74G
San Marzano 99G
Corn 25G
Great Corn 37G
Fodder Corn 25G
Great Fodder Corn 37G
Sweet Corn 74G
Green Pepper 50G
Great Green Pepper 74G
Red Pepper 99G
Wheat 25G
Durum Wheat 25G
Hot Pepper 74G
Great Hot Pepper 111G
Potato 74G
Great Potato 111G
Purple Potato 174G
Carrot 50G
Great Carrot 74G
Pumpkin 74G
Great Pumpkin 111G
Blueberry 74G
Great Blueberry 111G
Asparagus 99G


Item Price
Marguerite 42G
Sunny Red 103G
Cosmos 124G
Great Cosmos 248G
Pink Dahlia 103G
Carnation 134G
Great Carnation 268G
Pink Carnation 144G
Sunflower 124G
Pink Pansy 124G
Great Pink Pansy 248G
Purple Pansy 134G
Yellow Pansy 103G


Item Price
Sugar 17G
Salt 17G
Great Flour 101G
Bread 101G
Boiled Egg
Fried Egg
Great Fried Egg 101G
Yorgurt 101G
Great Yorgurt 101G
Grilled Perch 112G
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