This article is about Sam, a character from The Lost Valley. You may be looking for Sam from his other appearances throughout the series.

Sam is a character in Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley.

Because the Lost Valley is not a traditional farm, you’ll be relying on merchants like Sam to buy your goods instead of tossing everything into a shipping bin. He’ll frequently pop through the Lost Valley, though, so you won’t have to wait long for his regular visits! His prices are fair, and his stock can’t be beat. Occasionally, he’ll stock some interesting items.

Sam may seem fishy at first, but underneath his rough exterior, he’s got a more tender heart than you might imagine. He’s his family’s sole provider, always thinking about how to make his wife and daughter happy. After you get to know him deeper, you’ll eventually find out that a special medicine is needed to help his wife, which can only be made by a certain…magical someone. 

Sam is one of our most interesting characters. We went back and forth about how he might speak, and eventually settled on an old-school mafia “gansta” style accent. Sam’s definitely a type of character where first impressions are quite deceiving — in more ways than one![1]

Sam will appear in front of your home all week between 6AM-8PM.


Like other villagers, Sam will ask you to help him if your chemistry is high enough. You'll only be able to accept and complete his requests when he's in front of your home.

Sam's Family 1

  • Need 3 Pink Pansies
  • Reward: 2 Fertilizers

Sam’s Family 2

  • Need 3 Strawberries
  • Reward: 2 Broccoli Seeds

Sam's Family 3

  • Need 6 Marguerites
  • Reward: 2 Animal Feed

Sam’s Family 4

  • Need 6 Sunflowers
  • Reward: Leafy Tree Sprout


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