Samantha (サン San) is a character in Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life, Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition, and Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life.

Samantha moves to Forget-Me-Not Valley in Chapter 2 with her family. Her husband Grant is a businessman who is always working. Samantha is a housewife who stays at home with her daughter, Kate.

Samantha seems to miss the city life, and like her daughter, will often complain that she is "bored." She enjoys gossip, and can be seen with Chris. She also visits the Inner Inn, the Villa, and can be seen walking around town. Her house is located next to Chris', across from the Blue Bar.

Samantha seems to be strict with how she raises her daughter and can be seen as an overbearing and controlling mother. She means well, but there is often confrontation between her and her daughter. Kate is a carefree, full of energy child who Samantha fears will grow up to be a tomboy. Kate often complains about her mother, as she doesn't realize that Kate doesn't want to be a "lady."

Befriending Samantha doesn't see to yield any benefits as she does not give your player any tools or influence your son's career path. In the later chapters, she is seen to age fairly significantly with graying hair and a lot of wrinkles.


Gift Preferences
Liked Flowers, Milk, Sashimi
Disliked Weeds, Failed Dishes, Grape Pie


The Slow Life

Sometime during Chapter 2, go into the Clinic and exit on a sunny day, when both Samantha and Chris are out and about. You’ll get this scene, in which the two women meet outside of the well in front of their homes and talk about their families.

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